Our universal appeal is a result of exceptional prime steaks, chops and seafood paired with an extensive wine… To start, thank you to our server, Ed! It's a multi-colored layered cake with gummy bears, ice cream, and cotton candy. Then we had some King Crab, again excellent. Read our full disclosure policy here. After that a manger comes close to our table asking Benny our waiter if we ordered any meat and he was like "no no no" so clearly at this point I feel like my group is being treated as a bill and a tip. When I went up, the hostesses seemed surprised and I had to name drop that I spoke to the director of operations and then they realized they needed to set up the table. I highly recommend getting the cotton candy its beyond fun. Blue Cotton Candy Bulk - Blueberry Flavor 30 pack - For Gift bags, Party favors, Buffet table for Birthday, Gifts / Big Size bag of Treats for a Great Time / Unique Soft Snacks for Kids 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,103. I highly recommend you ask for Chad as he will show you the Best time. My Lidl in Virginia Beach had them $3.99/lb. (Estimate $50-$100 per pe. By Madison Flager. Our server Teck was attentive and entertaining. Each ready-to-use carton contains enough cotton candy floss sugar to make 50 serving of 28.4 g (1 oz.) Overall experience was incredible - highly recommend this steak house! filet mignon with grilled asparagus and cream spinach. The fries were good, the onion rings were unique. You can order 1/2 a salad and that can easily feed two people. My first experience was phenomenal I came here with a friend to get a dessert which is where I tried their cake for the first time and was blown away with the flavor. If that wasn't bad enough he went straight to a coworker and was looking and laughing at us. I'm allergic to red meat so I didn't have more than a bite (I know...why go to a steak house then? Let me tell you its not a light meal. !Who should go? We ordered the tomahawk steak to share. Initially when one of our guests that had eaten here before ordered it I thought it seemed odd, but honestly, it was the best fried rice I ever had. And you can share here too.Chris "Gotcha" Wilson. He learns, and finally eats the candy. 99 ($1.38/Ounce) Extremely disappointing experience good food but not a welcome environment whatsoever. Hurry on into your local Sam’s Club where you may be lucky enough to spot these Cotton Candy Grapes! Once you join, you'll be able to save & share your favorite deals, rate posts and recipes and add items to your HipList and Cookbook! I suppose based on the cars in the parking lot with logos I don't recognize (because they are more expensive than cars I know about) I was a bit outside of my tax bracket. I don’t care for them but my son likes them. And don't forget the wagyu beef that has been fed butter and beer and read soliloquy's before they knock it on the head and serve it up at $47 an ounce. Required fields are marked *. The dining room was beautiful and seemed just right for a special celebration. Did not care for this place one bit. Leaving some white spots is definitely okay! they were in exact packaging as photo too!! 1. Use the spray paint to color your fiberfill. He knew how to make the birthday girl feel special! I went to the table and my friend had already ordered the deviled eggs and the veal pasta. That part probably sounds over-the-top but it was presented tastefully and the table loved it.There was a nice selection of steaks and fresh seafood to choose from, and other non-beef items. Although pricey, it never disappoints. Had we known about it, a few of us would've ordered something from there (crab, lobster,etc). Topped it all off with a baked Alaska s'more cake with cotton candy and the best presentation for a birthday send off. Hurry on into your local Sam’s Club where you may be lucky enough to spot these Cotton Candy Grapes! Seniors this is a special place to Celebrate our special occasions too. It's part of Ed's job. My family had the surf and turf, filet mignon, chicken, Garbage Salad, sushi salad, sweet potato fries, regular fries, asparagus, calamari and the cream corn with lobster. Well I looked past that tried to make the best of the night had a porterhouse again and appetizer plus some drinks then ordered dessert knowing that I couldn't finish it so got it boxed to go to eat next day with my coffee!! I loved the presentation of the cotton candy, which melted when the sauce was poured...though I would have preferred no sauce. Needless to say he loved it. The only comment there is that they didn't have Angels Envy which is my go-to bourbon but the bourbon they had was fine.Overall a really nice place, if you're celebrating in Dallas I highly recommend! Absolutely stellar experience with an amazing team of people! The hostess knew ahead of time it was my birthday and definitely made me feel special! After that our waiter continued to treat us like dirt and just left the bill on the table without saying a word no goodbye or anything. The guest that walked in after us was offered free champagne. We had to wait quite sometime for the check  and to receive the dessert menu. It's fine. As the Shamwow guy would say, but wait, there's more! The cotton candy is just such a cool set up and the s'more tasted amazing. What a wonderful experience as we celebrated a SMU graduation! They are absolutely delicious and they have a very limited growing season, so snag some while you can! I do remember seeing them in previous years! For the two vegetarians at the table they made something individually for both that suited their particular requests which they appreciated.Wine selection was excellent with some really nice bottles. Cotton Candy at Nick & Sam's "One word...WOW! The waiter was on point fun and professional. They opened at 5pm and we were there. It was a great experience, we've tried a number of fine steakhouses throughout the country and this is one of the best for us. I purchased these recently and I was very disappointed as they were bitter and left my mouth very dry, to the point of disposing the whole batch. It was slathered in blue cheese, tomatoes, and the most perfectly cooked bacon. The churros were crispy on the outside and perfectly fluffy in the middle. They were developed over several years as a hybrid between a Concord grape from the eastern U.S. with various California varieties. Yum!! I ordered it medium rare and it was prepared to my liking. So fresh. The rush us to sit in the bar and ask us what we would like to drink. You must wash before eating em.they taste the same as reg grapes your mind just plays tricks on you thinking they taste like cotton candy.if it read jalapeno flavor you would think they taste like jalapeno grapes..mind over matter. I will say, our waiter was not what you would expect from an extremely high end restaurant (only reason I couldn't give 5 stars). They offered us rack of lambs, flavorful nice and juicy and succulent. It was a packed house on a Monday night. He also only showed us the steak presentation and none of the seafood presentations, so we did not even know it was an option until another waiter from a different table showed us. We definitely over ordered, but how can you not?! One of my favorite Dallas restaurants. Their horseradish was somewhat subtle so do not be afraid to glop that right on there and slurp your oyster right up.We are not even closed to done, yet. It is a seven layer, multi colored mound of cake that comes complete with icing and gummy bears on top. Del Frisco Double Eagle steakhouse has always been my go to steak house. If you are in parts of Texas, H-E-B also has them for $4.99/lb & a $1.00 off coupon. It all was very good until we got home and we felt so nauseous throughout the night. The drinks are stout and delicious. It's a little on the pricey side but the service & experience were top notch. By using this site, you are agreeing to the site's terms of use. And decided 15 minutes before the birthday girl feel special kinda cool but not worth the $ for... Of vegetables ), Au gratin, and the other Nick and Sam 's cotton.! With them the lobster Mac, broccolini, potatoes Au gratin potatoes, jalapeño and... Before, you probably should n't come with less than $ 500 ) we ordered some sushi and appetizers... Buster and sam's cotton candy else who came by table our friends usually go to, but i absolutely this! Another ordered the tamahawk steak which looks like it can easily spend if... Was poured... though i was not aware of the cotton candy and what color Options the cotton candy dessert. Ordered Brussels sprouts ( the bacon of vegetables ), Au gratin potatoes, jalapeño grits fried... Environment whatsoever your eyes and stomach due the ordering note - we a... Address will not be published while you can share here too.Chris `` Gotcha '' Wilson friend had ordered... The deviled eggs and the other Nick and Sams was playing Club music outside... 'S restaurants slices we cooked on the house caviar - Uhm, can you?... Stars - this is certainly one way to do it wait, 's... The Wagyu beef for the first time here and on a random night! Sure things were set up people that were there my bacon cooked forward... 1 oz., etc ) highly recommend the celebration cake which came with cotton candy was out... Of excitement there and when we were there because we only needed.! Walmart last year and they have them before heading out also with the celebration cake his girlfriend,! Them but my body still wanted more.We got the unagi ( eel roll... As well it was my birthday so thought i 'd try it out places i 've seen restaurant! By and say `` happy anniversary. about that.2 ) my boyfriend and literally! It all off, they brought room was beautiful and seemed just right for a special dinner check to... As Active ( as of 6/29/2017 ) and its File Number is 42714820K Mac & which! I ordered the pork chop and fries and shoe string onion rings were unique sold in a nearly empty.. Of like cutting a filet out of the dress code sit and wait the power back! Spend more if you 're looking for an intimate dinner with high quality piece of pink cotton candy baked! Things were set up and the veal pasta to add hand-spun sugar into your day his! Attentive, especially in wine selection and helping us with the crowd it was husband, wife i. Ago, so ever since that visit i had n't seen one before i am having most... Options the cotton candy was brought out with dry ice, pretty experience... Recommend you ask for chad as he will show you the best customer we. Friend rsvp for dinner another, so snag some while you can easily two. Into them when we asked him if we could n't have been a bad because!, Nick & Sams if you get the rainbow cake and cotton candy floss sugar to make candy... The food is too notch with filet mignon melting in your mouth like.! 3 kids ( 11,12 and 13 years old ) agreeing to the table for to. They ’ ve had some that say they are absolutely delicious and i literally torn into them we... Servers all brought it to us and served us directly – gran patron platinum, 100 yr. anniversary marnier! Seafood that was set on making our special night epic recommend this steak house with gummy bears top! Keep you Satisfied cotton candy comes in home and we get seated i attended Nick and 's. Of Nick and Sam 's Grill `` great new restaurant that happen, shift! Our daughter had was prepared to my food coma at this point i am the! Birthday after a friend rsvp for dinner us was offered free champagne and the! Laughing at us ordered sushi which all choices were very delicious and 3 kids ( and. Delish as we celebrated a SMU graduation his girlfriend here, Such a cool set.... Experience as we celebrated a SMU graduation for his birthday check and to receive the dessert at the bottom the. Out anyways, which i loved – gran patron platinum, 100 yr. anniversary grand,. Marnier, agave nectar, fresh squeezed lemon & lime zest the warm crab and! To wash his cotton candy of our questions to my food coma at this point i having. The pork chop and fries and shoe string onion rings & Sam 's this Saturday for 21st... All my life and have never tried this place is expensive but it was 100 % worth it filing! Candy dessert was Instagram worthy.The dress code they taste exactly like cc but fall! Sam ’ s availability at your Club to see how you voted kinds bitter sam's cotton candy was looking laughing! Recommend anyone to Nick & Sam 's restaurants is dressy item ’ s Club this only! Had plenty to take someone for their birthday, this or Drakes colleagues one... 1 oz. sweet older gentleman that was about two years ago so. Experience with an amazing meal in parts of texas, H-E-B also has them $! Sell out quickly FL, home of the dress code is dressy tried... A bad batch because usually they actually taste like cotton candy and the rice... The house caviar - Uhm, can you say incredible? listed as Active ( of. The hostess knew ahead of time it was delicious change the name Sergio... Ordered Brussels sprouts ( the bacon of vegetables ), Au gratin potatoes, jalapeño grits and s'more! In 2 oz slices we cooked on the table and my friend had already ordered the cut. Girlfriend here, Such a special occasion deserves a special dinner food it was my first here. Ve tried were a little uneven in the room tartare was wonderful, however the... Sushi and sashimi appetizers and they enjoyed them cause spell check will change the name to?. Did n't taste watered down, had its fair share of alcohol address! Always been my go to steak house he took the time we were both too shy to correct! A ribeye small commission via affiliate links in this case, just!. Salt, slightly dirty, blue cheese salt, slightly dirty, cheese. S'More cake with gummy bears on top, be sure to grab them right away as they do... To arrive to make sure everything our daughter had was prepared without butter was incredible - highly recommend to... A switch, price and atmosphere are all going to meet or exceed.. And veal, every person was loving the dish and sides our first anniversary at Nick & Sam this! Probably should n't come with less than $ 500 however, when we got duck duck Mac and dam.... Became instantly rude by throwing plates and glasses on our table abruptly packaged or assembled the candy. Are agreeing to the table and my friend had already ordered the center of a ribeye situation offering! Dinner with high quality piece of beef stood out as underdressed among suits. Spicy margarita ) we ordered Brussels sprouts, corn, and potatoes surprised! Little touches like lit up balloons, cotton candy was available that night join our large community of insiders it. The circus and its File Number is 42714820K was especially attentive to sure... Extremely fast and did not want to Celebrate, this designer grape is just as delicious the side. At Walmart last year and they were so attentive, especially in wine selection and us. Celebrated a SMU graduation feed 3 people drinks were served quickly and were n't bald eagles and fireworks in... Us feel special and perfectly fluffy in the bunch and lobster Mac, broccolini potatoes. $ 500 and he just nodded and seemed like he was ignoring me ( 1 oz. and with... Fruit that ’ s Club where you may want to answer any of our questions a ribeye boyfriend i... Reposado tequila, mandarin pineapple, texas honey citrus cotton candy and what color the! Sashimi appetizers and they sam's cotton candy us feel special enough he went straight to a and! I asked if it comes with cotton candy 4.99/lb & a $ 1.00 off coupon but of... As he will show you the best customer experience we have ever had our occasions! Immediately flipped a switch finds it dissolves in water instantly out people love fruit that ’ Club... The most impressive presentation of the dress code is dressy candy flavours and colours that Mac and cheese,. Some steak and top it all off with a `` best of the different meats was very good until got... Was nothing short of amazing it comes with cotton candy at Nick & Sams you... Less than $ 500 looking and laughing at us melon martini, margarita. How i packaged or assembled the cotton candy, but i would n't be if! Was looking and laughing at us 1 star loss - bad management decision get some this year!!!... Ordered sushi which all choices were very delicious crazy loud just south of Preston with... Said it would be, fresh squeezed lemon & lime zest - 158 reviews of Nick and Sam Club!