Why cambodia?

It is meaningful that we launch REBIRTH here in Cambodia.
After long periods of civil war, Cambodia has been a poor country, with a lot of people struggling to survive. In 2013, Cambodia got a GDP of 15.7 billion, and Per capita GDP is 1016 dollars, not even to 10% of the world average level.
According to the Asian Development Bank statistics in 2011, 8.28 million people, over 1/2 of the total Cambodian population, couldn’t earn 2 dollars a day. (Wikipedia)
Considering if we could do something to improve this condition even a little bit, like providing some employment opportunities for the locals, we started the REBIRTH.


Peace of mind

The picture is the Killing Field at Phnom Penh. In this Killing Field masses of people were killed and buried by the Khmer Rouge.
People can see palm trees, with sharp leaves. At those horrifying nights, numerous innocent people were executed by having their throats brutally cut with the leaves. Wailings still seemingly emerge from deep down under the ground.
Palm tree is just a nature plant. However, it becomes different things in different people’s hands.


〜The Manufacture〜

All of the pieces are man-made.

〜Designs originated and inspired from the Cambodian historian remains〜