Partner of REBIRTH

In REBIRTH my partner is Marie Hill, a British lady who have lived in Cambodia for over 22 years, and her ingenious and skillful team staff. They are in charge of collecting the raw materials and produce them into art. Since 2010, they have created so many beautiful works. Each of these pieces is like announcing how good this team is.
Even though the scale of the team is still not very big, we hope more and more employment opportunities will be made, and less and less the poverty population of this country will be.

About the Future

There may be a day where we cannot collect the bullet shells anymore due to the weapon being no longer needed in the world.
But the sense of peace and art, will be handed down to the next generation and that is probably what we hope REBIRTH will really mean…

Peace of mind


Kutsuna Miwa

Born in Aichi, Kutsuna  Miwa had lived in Tokyo since the age of  18. With a huge interest in Asian art influenced by Professor Nakazawa Shinichi, she continued her study in Korea and received her master’s degree. After that she has been currently studying Modern art in China. As a modern artist she also curated several exhibitions successfully, She is now studying the connection between folk art and modern art, based on the years of knowledge in Asian art.

Marie Hill

Marie has worked in Asia, mostly Cambodia for over 20 years in the arts & crafts sector. She is working towards finding long term solutions to reducing poverty