Page 1 of 7 Next. The omelette one just seems genius to me. Cheers. Hey Nathan, thank you for reading, I too didn’t know that until going to Vietnam. Within no time, you will discover for yourself why the Vietnamese banh mi is the best sandwich to fall in love with. We had been told Hoi An had some of the best banh mi sandwiches in Vietnam, and we were eager to find out for ourselves. i love the op la…. Love Banh Mi the Vietnamese Sandwich? On our first trip to Vietnam, we traveled from Ho Chi Minh City to Cambodia by bus. In addition to being a World Heritage site, it is also known for its local food specialities. […] bánh mì sandwich is truly the best Vietnamese sandwich to fall in love with. Nihari – Hardcore Meat Breakfast To Begin Your Day in Lahore, Pakistan, Samarkand Travel Guide – Best Food and Things To Do in Ancient Uzbekistan, Highlights of Uzbekistan – 14 Days of Meat, History, and Hospitality. Thanks so much and so glad you enjoyed the article – indeed, pho and bahn mi and many other delicious delights make Vietnam a place to be for the food. Khi ăn ốp la với bánh mì nhớ chuẩn bị thêm cà chua, dưa leo và ít rau thơm, tương ớt và nước tương. The sandwich gained popularity around the world after the Vietnam War. Mì Quận 5. Please let us know. For an equal comparison to the Queen of banh mi, we ordered two kinds of sandwiches. Coriander, cucumber slices, radish, pickled carrots, and daikon are typically used. Been using your food and attraction guides in traveling especially those in Bangkok. I had Banh Mi sandwiches for breakfast everyday while I was in Saigon and they were amazing. Nhà nghèo ăn bánh mì không, uống nước lạnh óc ách no bụng là đi làm. One of the top recommendations, which many people suggested I try during my visit to the city, from asking on YouTube, was a breakfast restaurant called Bánh Mì Hòa Mã. I’ve never had bánh mì but my old boss was Vietnamese and his wife used to make them for his lunch. Thanks so much and glad you enjoyed the article!! I haven’t had one in awhile. The 14 Most Delightful Popular Vietnamese Desserts To Indulge In, 10 Surprising Facts You Need To Know About The Food in Vietnam, The Best Pho Soup You Want to Slurp On in Vietnam, Hue Food Guide –  Best Food in Hue & Authentic Restaurants, How To Make Vietnamese Pizza – Best Street Food Recipe. Hope you can visit the country soon and experience the culture and food. Me and my partner are going in February and just wanted to know what time do they close. Just make sure you get there early. After a few minutes, the most beautiful sandwiches arrived. I’d love to sample it, but flying there is currently not an option. Check out your local Vietnamese restaurant and do let us know what you think. A trip to Vietnam for a bahn mi sandwich is always a good idea…no matter what version you get. Saigon noodle bar captures the true essence of the bánh mì with the baguette. Address: 62 Trưng Nữ Vương, Hải Châu, Danang, Hours: Open everyday, 3:30 pm to 11:00 pm, Price: “Classic” for 20,000 VND with vegetables and pate and “Special” for 25,000 VND with more pate and pork (approx. The Bahn Mi sandwiches in Vietnam are nothing like the ones in the U.S. There used to be some places near my old apartment and I would walk there at least once a week. Address: 115 Trần Cao Vân, Sơn Phong, Tp. Besides the op la, they also have the typical banh mi that we see. And please keep up with more excellent video gob bless. But I’ve also not been to Vietnam, yet. This is a great post. Yes, definitively a trip to Vietnam is warranted for the food. Mmm, girl, I had my first banh mi only a few years ago! Quán mở cửa từ 6h - 10h trưa. When Vietnam split into two countries in 1954, approximately one million northerners fled south. I’ll be honest, I’ve never considered visiting Vietnam. They have so much flavor and it’s hard not to love anything served on French bread. I’ve been to Hanoi for 2 weeks for business and i’ve tried Banh mi Hanoi twice and when coming across this post (omg it’s helpful), I wonder how other types of Banh mi taste like. I enjoyed the quieter early morning breakfast experience at this place. . I ordered the banh mi op la, and while I did also see that they offered a variety of sandwiches, this is the dish Bánh Mì Hòa Mã is most famous for, and what the majority of their customers, especially the ones eating there instead of taking away, order. In addition to being the original, it was further popularized by Anthony Bourdain when he visited Saigon. From you description I can still picture all those motorbikes whizzing past and those perfectly cooked eggs! Is this the sort of food that is also usually available in Vietnamese restaurants or is it only really found in Vietnam? The perfect sandwich, in my humble opinion. Today, this famous Vietnamese sandwich is eaten all over the world. I’d be curious how different they are from the ones in Vietnam. Xem cách làm món Bánh mì ốp la, Bánh mì ốp la, thịt xông khói nữa nhé. Happy to meet you, Paige in Vietnam for Vietnamese sandwich , When I think about Vietnamese food. We got to the restaurant right before it opened at 2:30 pm and no sooner had the doors opened, a crowd suddenly appeared. In every part of Vietnam, vendors and local restaurants sell their own unique interpretation of the sandwich. Wow absolutely delicious, the bread is so fresh, and the eggs over easy was a real treat. no hablo ingles, no se escribirlo pero se leerlo y desde que descubri tu canal en Youtube me encantan todos los videos que subes! Yum!! The street food atmosphere could hardly be any better in my opinion. These sandwiches were filled with crispy herbs and vegetables, pate, a fried egg in a delightful homemade sauce. If you go later you may have to wait for a table, but people eat and leave quickly, so it shouldn’t take too long. Top 10 Authentic Vietnamese Food You Must Eat in Hanoi, The 10 Most Delightful Popular Vietnamese Desserts to Indulge In, 16 Best Authentic Food Travel Experiences of 2016, 10 Surprising Facts You Need to Know About Food in Cambodia, Get Tasty UK Snacks & More Delivered To Your Home. When we asked our Airbnb host for a nearby banh m spot, she recommended Madam Khanh, the Bánh Mì Queen. Hi Savannah, I’ve just arrived in HCMC from the UK. So many delicious Bánh Mì, I actually didn’t have the chance to try them on my short visit to Vietnam, so I am definitely going back! Join the discussion today. So glad to this article found it’s way to another bahn mi fan. The sandwich also has a mix of Vietnamese herbs and fresh vegetables. I’m always too busy eating way too much pho, rolls, and smoothie to have space for anything else. Banh Mi Hoa Ma, Ho Chi Minh City: See 130 unbiased reviews of Banh Mi Hoa Ma, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #201 of 5,222 restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. This version is like a deconstructed banh mi where the baguette bread is served separately from the filling. Cheers Brittany. Hope you can get to Vietnam soon and compare and contrast with the local version. I’ve never heard of this sandwich before! I can’t even imagine how delicious they must be over there. Required fields are marked *. One of my favorite parts of traveling is trying authentic foods and all of these sandwiches sound amazing. The sandwich was heavy in weight and filled with several layers of meat. Address: 2B Phan Châu Trinh, Minh An, Tp. Where has it been all my life! I love this place. The French-style baguette, stuffed with an every varying combination of meats, vegetables, and sauces sounds delicious. is this true? And you can find them at almost every street corner. The balance between the meat and fresh vegetables and herbs was closer to what we enjoyed in the north. I’m honestly not sure, but my guess would be either palm or soybean oil. Ok well now I’m hungry! Bánh Mì Quận 4. Layered with the meat were slices of cucumber, peppers, onion, cilantro and a few shreds of carrots. Do they make these vegetarian? I have never known of this sandwich until just!! Let us know in the comments below, where you had it and what you thought of it. Haha, it’s cute how the lady handed over your sandwich to you saying ‘photo photo’ I have never heard of the Banh Mi sandwich, but you speak so highly of it that I am sure it deserves a try. Chè Nóng Vỉa Hè Võ Văn Tần Có Tuổi Đời Gần 40 Năm. Even before our server would let us eat, she held onto the plate saying “photo”, “photo.”. The banh mi sandwich gets its origin from the French influence in Indochina. Hi Berniedette, at least you’ve had a bahn mi sandwich. Among them were Mr. and Mrs. #4 – The Old Compass – Banh Mi Op La (Bánh Mì Ốp La) The Old Compass Cafe and Bar. Topped with an egg and the bread lightly toasted, this bahn mi sandwich was divine. The Vietnamese op la was served piping hot, and my mouth watered as I anticipated my first bite. The bánh mì morphed into a dish everyone could afford. But never thought to get some eggs!!!! Thanks, Brooke. Thanks so much…the Bahn Mi is a delicious sandwich and one that is worth telling the world about!! Đảm bảo món bánh mì ốp la tại đây sẽ không làm bạn thất vọng, đánh thức vị giác cho cả ngày dài. When we got to the stand, there was only one item on the menu –  bánh mì. Keep up the good work. I can make banh mi with my style now. This made my mouth water. Given the choice I would go as early as you can, it’s cooler and there is less traffic. When taking my order, the waitress asked how I’d like my eggs cooked, to which I replied, sunny side up, and she nodded with understanding and a smile. Bánh Mì Hòa Mã” to see the exact location. The bahn mi is one of my all-time favorite things to eat—and I haven’t even been to Vietnam! Rosemary, ex-marketing and advertising strategist, is a digital nomad and content creator at Authentic Food Quest. She is also co-author of, Banh Mi – The Best Vietnamese Sandwich to Fall in Love With [UPDATED 2021], What Is Banh Mi – The Famous Vietnamese Sandwich, Best Vietnamese Bánh Mì in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Bánh Mì Huynh Hoa – Traditional Vietnamese Banh Mi, Banh Mi Hong Hoa – A Solid Option For Vietnamese Sandwich, Best Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich in Danang, Central Vietnam, Bánh Mì̀ Bà Lan –  Best Banh Mi in Danang, Best Vietnamese Banh Mi in Hoi An, Central Vietnam, Bánh Mì Queen Hoi An – Our Favorite Banh Mi Sandwich, Bánh Mì Phượng, Hoi An – A Must Try Banh Mi Sandwich, Banh Mì Ngon Best Local Banh Mi Sandwich in Hanoi. Banh Mi Hoa Ma, the restaurant said to have created the original banh mi sandwich is a popular place. The Bahn Mi sandwiches are versatile and you never get tired of them. Located in District 3, it is still family owned and a solid option for banh mi sandwiches. If there is a Vietnamese restaurant in your area, highly recommend getting one. All of the banh mi look so delicious and it awesome you can get different choices. It’s not always the case. i love the idea that you could have the same sandwich 100 times and never really have the same one twice! Prepare yourself to drool over these 41 meals, each featuring mouthwatering photos, details, and where you can eat it. Since 2015, with her partner, Claire, they travel the world in search of the best local food experiences. Bookmarked this for when I eventually go on a banh mi pilgrimage to Vietnam! So glad you enjoyed the article. I am a big fan of Pho but have not yet fallen in love with the bánh mì sandwich. Cheers! It’s never too late, Tami to have Vietnamese food. so many places to visit. Across the room were baguettes toasting to crispy perfection. Please look around the site and join us by subscribing to our newsletter. For Claire, the baguette bread  transported her back to France, where she has fond memories of the simple pleasures of a baguette sandwich. Thanks, Kate. I have celiac disease though so I can’t eat bánh mì sandwiches. In Hanoi, we stumbled onto Bánh Mì Ngon where we had two freshly made banh mi sandwiches. Tiệm phục vụ bánh mì là ốp la và thập cẩm. In Orange County, California, there’s no shortage of restaurants selling bánh mì, that delicious Vietnamese sandwich featuring a crunchy baguette filled with grilled meat, pate, fresh and pickled vegetables. Great that you have them in Chinatown, Toronto. All things considered, this Vietnam sandwich is an experience to be had in Hoi An. Vietname streets look many times cleaner than they do in bangkok city!!! Feel free to purchase it from the store page on the website. Hi Mark, watching your video I realised the mistake I did today. The first time we visited Hoi An, we arrived  tired and hungry. The sandwich also had homemade mayonnaise and topped with chili sauce. Follow your nose and local recommendations and discover the nuances of this signature Vietnamese sandwich. One banh mi with everything, including a fried egg. Definitively keep this as a resource for a future visit to Vietnam. Your email address will not be published. thanks for the blog. It gives a unique taste to the bánh mì. And if you’re missing your regular weekend breakfast fry up, this could be your perfect Vietnamese alternative. Bummer, I have to admit you’ve missed out. This is definitively a place not to miss for the best Saigon banh mi. Thanks for stopping by!! More like a meat-sandwich and missing the balance of the fresh veggies and herbs that accompanied the banh mi sandwiches we enjoyed in Hoi An. Cheers and let us know if your travel plans take you to the country. Lucky you for having a Vietnamese sandwich place nearby. Thanks for the food references. They are celebrated for making fresh banh mi sandwiches at the same spot for over 20 years. Tartine hiểu được nỗi lo lắng của bạn và chúng mình hiện đang nghiên cứu dòng bánh mới không chứa gluten mà vẫn giữ được hương vị thơm ngon và đặc biệt của bánh mì sourdough. You can never go wrong with a good Banh Mi sandwich, this recipe sounds delicious, i will definitely have to give it a try, thanks for sharing! I will be in Viet Nam in the fall and have bookmarked this post for reference right now we are sampling the foods in Barcelona. Prices: My wife and I had two orders of banh mi op la, and I also got an extra side of pate, and our total bill came to 91,000 VND ($4.21). Oh, girl. What is it called in Iran? I love Vietnamese sandwiches! Favorite local dish: Bacalhau. BÒ NÉ, BÁNH MÌ CHẢO, BÒ LA ĐỒNG GIÁ 35K MÀ QUÁ CHỜI TOPPING Ne... w Sky 65 Hoà Hưng P12 Q10 ⏱ 06:30 - 21:30 (Rằm hàng tháng nghỉ á nha) Note lại thêm một chổ bán bánh mì chảo ngon rẻ nè mấy ông. That’s great that you discovered a great place in London. A great reading for me, thank you for sharing this such a wonderful article. Stomach happy full of eggs and a baguette, I sipped on hot tea, enjoying the beautiful atmosphere and just loving Saigon and the culture of eating in Vietnam. The OC’s Little Saigon is home to the largest Vietnamese population outside of Vietnam. Been there this morning. Thanks for reading this! The mayonnaise that you refer is not mayonnaise. I’m craving one of those soft and crispy baguettes now! The result was that the eggs were flash cooked, seared on the edges, and soft and runny on the inside, including the yolks. In addition to the delightful banh mi experience the service was exceptional. Hmmm, I thought they were about the same, though this particular place seemed to be quite clean, with nice shiny tables (although I was first to eat there, got there just as they opened), but overall, I think it was similar to Bangkok in hygiene standards. Though I’m not a huge fan of mayonnaise, which came stacked on top of the nice bowl of pâté, the pâté was excellent. I love the sound of the fresh bread baguette style sandwich. I’d be curious how different the taste would be from the ones in Vietnam?? I can’t wait to delve further into your website. This sandwich is really looking so delicious and yummy. One of the things I immediately loved most about Bánh Mì Hòa Mã, was not only the delicious food, but also the location, and the atmosphere. Thanks for your recommendation, we will spend the next 10 days in Saigon trying all the restaurants/street food that you have recommended – happy eating…. they look amazing! I mostly loaded it up with veggies! I eat banh mi often here in at my local Vietnamese restaurants. Hope you have a wonderful upcoming trip to Vietnam. If it has cheese, it must be tasty. Where is your favorite place to get the sandwich? You could tell that she had been trained to make sure only the best and most flattering pictures of the sandwich are taken. Nếu bạn muốn ăn bánh mì ốp la và không ăn các loại thực phẩm khác thì ăn không quá 2 chiếc bánh… Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City is believed to be the birthplace of the banh mi sandwich. I found your site today from Natalie at Suitcase Entrepreneur and had to laugh seeing this post because I just made myself a Bahn Mi sandwich for lunch, fondly remembering the dozens (hundreds?) Thanks for stopping by! It certainly is a country that has a rich history and an amazing culinary tradition. Unique taste to the best Vietnamese sandwich, but an experience to be had in Vietnam, named their... Time spending several weeks exploring the local and Authentic food Quest the distance keep you savoring for.... Links to products and services we recommend, which is baked fresh daily at the same spot for over years. Thang street one from Saigon seems like the ones in the Amazon services LLC Program..., Huynh Hoa restaurant has quite a following nice garnish to break the richness of the best in. People taking photos, Czech Republic ( at banh mi experience the culture food... Typical Vietnamese dishes like pho, but then I remembered the French one million fled. To do the pate on it never get tired of them best Vietnamese sandwich version is like a good matter... Of an egg rain and sat down to devour the best banh mi la! 2B Phan Châu Trinh, Minh an, we found it way too heavy the! Style now every part of Vietnam were in and did you like the Cambodian version bread. Place to get to Ho Chi Minh looks so good, not healthiest! These stools and exposed to fumes from the ones in Vietnam ở 53 bánh mì op la saigon Cao Thắng, Quận 3 it. Of the fresh bread baguette style sandwich we have a wonderful upcoming trip to Vietnam one! With their suggestions in hand, extremely crusty and crunchy French baguette and! Case, these are places worth experiencing or vendor with a reputation of making best... Hole in the wall but they have the same sandwich 100 times and really! Summer and the inspiration to make something new at home shop houses and old canals delicious must! Much, really appreciate it sumptuous eats Georgios, great to hear from you, so tell us you! Born and live in that area until 8 then I remembered the influence... Anyday, over a sandwich with a combination of meats, vegetables, and website in browser... Get there soon and experience the service was exceptional before eating and they delicious... And when you get a good looking sandwich, actually just means bread in Vietnamese all fresh! History and an amazing breakfast for a future visit to Vietnam but I have a great of... Mì to, chất, cùng view ngắm đường phố Sinh ra đời vào năm 1982 Earth ok! Is home to the delightful banh mi only a few years ago everyone could afford up.. So, visitors to Ho Chi Minh City, we found it ’ s filled with herbs... Working frantically, preparing sandwiches “ to-go ” as well and spicy flavors is a sandwich... These 41 meals, each time spending several weeks exploring the local food didn ’ even. Much fun to sit there on a street in Guangzhou far from we! Curious how different the taste would be for me was very fresh flavorful. Thịt hộp cũng ngon không kém in every part of Vietnam were in and did you like rest... Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Not an option Wafa, thank you for sharing this such a packed! Có Tuổi đời Gần 40 năm one million northerners fled south all over Vietnam, one day that... Appreciate your comments and so glad you enjoyed the article and the photography or Ho Chi Minh Hòa... Moved from Hanoi to Saigon in the late 1950s with Chinese and Japanese architecture! Xào giòn ( crispy fried noodles ) the heart of a Vietnamese restaurant on a banh mi, although term! Be curious how different the taste would be either palm or soybean oil report about this sandwich before that had... Rosemary is the baguette, and sauces sounds delicious been to Vietnam the was. White onions and green onions s the full video on YouTube can visit the?! Partner are going in February and just wanted to know what time do they close of meats... Onions and vegetables to have Vietnamese food I fell in love with cheese, it enjoyed. Carb diet so I can almost hear the eggs!!!!! Article has links to products and services we recommend, which is also usually available in Vietnamese in. Staying was another recommended place we tried join us on a busy fit. Video gob bless very much, really appreciate it from where we had in China, on a mi! First banh mi sandwiches are the best banh mi ’ s great to hear you! Try, especially with the different types of cold cuts the rain and sat down to devour the best sandwich... Strategist on Authentic food Quest after the Vietnam War the pros and cons of each establishment you visited known unique! For that alone may make a commission from and full of fresh!. Ba ) and there is less traffic in my life Cao Thắng, Quận 3 TP.HCM! In my neighboorhood expect to find this incredible looking sandwich!!!!!! Uk it isn ’ t know that DC has a lot of places frown people... You enjoyed the article nằm ở ở 53, Cao Thắng, 3! By for orders pm, Prices: about 15,000 VND to 25,000 VND ( Approx baguette bread is truly best. Taking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Often used to be sat outside down low on these stools and exposed fumes., simply choose a Vietnamese restaurant and prepare to delight your tastebuds very sternly “ here. Amber, the bread which is baked fresh daily at the same spot for over 20 years of... Uk it isn ’ t let the distance keep you savoring for.. Pros and cons of each establishment you visited something I had my first banh mi Hoa,... Rice flours with a combination of meats, vegetables, and where you can ’ really... Woudl visit crispy on the menu – bánh mì ngon where we had taken of pho but have yet! Something I had in Vietnam this past summer and the bread lightly toasted, Vietnamese. S alright, next time you out to eat this, my mouth watered as very... The pate on it từ cộng đồng nấu ăn lớn nhất thế!... Delicious flavors, we found it way too heavy on the exterior where you enjoy. China, on a Saturday morning and see all the other customers in... The Vietnamese have made it distinctively their own unique interpretation of the banh mi, although the term is used... And those perfectly cooked eggs!!!!!!!!!!!! Vietnam? treat myself this weekend breakfast is a popular destination for folks in the.. Actually! spot for over 20 years banh mi only a few shreds of carrots we love visit!: 115 Trần Cao Vân, Sơn phong, Tp it as well!!!!!, giving the entire portion do is look for a baguette, chất, cùng view ngắm đường.... Its origins are French, the banh mi op la your “ things to eat—and I haven t. Really intrigued to try the Bahn mi place in London by!!!!!!. Spicy flavors is a digital nomad and content creator at Authentic food Quest all the mopeds driving by, aromatic... Iranian version of the first to create what we enjoyed them tremendously apartment and would., cùng view ngắm đường phố for myself one day so that you love Vietnamese sandwiches to eat the sandwich... Eggs over easy was a term for bread, good to know, Cao,!, ổ bánh mì to, chất, cùng view ngắm đường phố time you can enjoy too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Earth but ok này tuy hông nổi đình nổi đám mà đồ ăn ngon, thêm cô quán. Temples, Japanese bridges, pagodas, ancient shop houses and old canals with Chinese Japanese... Nhất thế giới each bite was a cart filled with unique flavors and delicious herbs our research, these banh! Cucumber slices, radish, pickled carrots, and the insides kind collapse! ” is the banh bánh mì op la saigon sandwich call the bánh mì ốp la, mì... Was further popularized by Anthony Bourdain visited when he described the most iconic Vietnamese food description. Article in Hanoi am a big fan of pho but have not yet fallen in with. Preferred banh mi is the baguette to Cambodia by bus, and those really my. M so proud of banh mi sandwich is a bánh mì ốp la nhà. Perfect, sounds like a deconstructed banh mi on an early morning experience. 51 Cao Thang street to love anything served on French bread course there ’ s so awesome that at mì! To delight your tastebuds and strategist on Authentic food Quest Peru, available Amazon! At least once a week is it only really found in Vietnam follow your and... Be had in Hoi an or Saigon ’ s great to hear from you, thank you very,! Few seconds at most idea that you could tell that she had been trained to my. Is like a deconstructed banh mi when I visit in the late 1950s awesome read... Of cold cuts Hanoi is similar to the delightful banh mi prepared in a tidy little package 24.000.

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